Bank of Jordan is a pioneering bank that was established in Jordan in 1960. Since then and over 54 years, the bank adopted the sustainable development and improvement approach for all its financial and banking activities and aspects. The bank escorted the accelerating developments witnessed by the Banking Industry over the five past decades both nationally and internationally. Since it was established, the bank participated in enhancing the investment movement, and the economic development in Jordan through offering comprehensive banking products and services that fulfill the clients' needs and requirements of all categories including individuals, corporate and institutions. It also effectively participated in the national development projects and in the private sector projects.

Bank of Jordan Syria is a Syrian public company has commenced its work at the end of 2008, has adopted continuous development, and it has worked towards the improvement in all its activities and areas of expertise (both financial and banking). Since its establishment, has kept abreast with the rapid developments in the banking sector, both locally and internationally, and since its inception, it has supported Syrian investments, as well as, the Syrian economic development. It has also developed banking products and services that meet customers' needs and requirements and that cover the needs of different social classes, be they individuals, corporate, or institutional.

The Bank provides its services through a network of 10branches in the Syrian governorates (Tartous, Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, As-Suwayda and Lattakia and its head office in Damascus Baghdad Street).

Bank of Jordan Syria, providing a comprehensive and diversified number of advanced and high quality banking products and services for individuals to meet the different demands and aspirations of this wide range of customers, as well as additional competitive advantages both in transfer and savings. Some of the banking programs offered are: housing loans which allows the customer the chance to own his dream home, personal loans which provides the best programs in terms of flexibility and ease, auto loans .

Due to the importance of the corporate sector and major projects, the bank has worked on developing a set of financial and banking solutions that are offered through a team equipped to provide the best alternatives and banking solutions to meet specific needs.

The Bank also allows customers to acquire an office or a clinic; in order to exercise their professions; through a professional's loan (engineering, medical, business, accountants, and lawyers); relieving them of the restrictions and burdens of rent.

The accomplishments achieved by the bank were the result of sound management, a strategic and comprehensive approach, and a clear vision that embodies the future in its various dimensions, while also keeping abreast with the rapid developments in the banking industry.