Bank of Jordan Syria is highly concerned with information safety, security and protection and exerts extensive efforts to take all effective security measures and procedures in order to ensure safety of information. These measures include; continuously reviewing security measures and periodically checking security violations&, yet these efforts will not be fruitful without clients' understanding and commitment to the concept of information security.

Thus, kindly read and comprehend the following Privacy Policy and Terms of Use periodically and before browsing our website.

  1. Clients may visit The Bank website without disclosing any personal information.
  2. In case clients provided the Bank with any personal information such as: names, addresses or e-mails which may be necessary for mutual correspondence and communication; Bank of Jordan syria will be obliged to keep such information secure and not to disclose such to any third party in accordance with the effective Laws.
  3. Clients shall provide the bank with a means of communication and shall periodically update their information if changed, to enable the bank to contact them in cases of emergency.
  4. Clients shall not send any personal information or their bank account information through e-mail; as it is not a safe method of dispatching personal information.
  5. Clients should ensure signing out after using internet-banking services.
  6. The system will automatically sign out the client after a while, in case the internet-banking window is left open without being used.
  7. E-Linking to other Websites:
    Banks offering internet-banking services are targeted sites for linking; the common means of which are emails and fake sites that ask users for sensitive information such as information of Identification Cards, Passwords, Account Information and Credit Card Information.
    Thus, clients should be alert regarding these linking attempts by ensuring signing in to Bank of Jordan Syria's official website ( before disclosing any information, as there are some hackers who design fake sites that look like the original websites but with small spelling differences.
  8. Password:
    Kindly keep your login password secure, change it periodically, and do not disclose it to any third party including the bank employees.
  9. Viruses:
    Kindly make sure to install and activate a recent virus scanning software on your PC.
  10. Intellectual Property Rights:
    No information displayed on the Bank's Website can be used or disseminated without the bank's previous written consent.
  11. Limited Liability:
    Browsing/using Bank of Jordan Syria's website will be on the user's personal responsibility, as Bank of Jordan Syria will not be responsible for any claims, losses, costs, expenses or compensations of any kind, without any private or public limitations, regarding the use of its website and the information displayed on the site.
  12. Guarantees:
    Bank of Jordan Syria's website on the internet may include some information from other parties subscribed to the internet. Thus, Bank of Jordan Syria does not offer any implicit or explicit guarantees regarding any information offered by third parties or through any link to other websites on the internet. Also, Bank of Jordan Syria bears no responsibility regarding the preciseness and credibility of information, software, offers or activities offered by any third party, websites or links that may be linked to its website.
  13. Security of Information:
    Bank of Jordan Syria uses a set of techniques to protect saved information against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure, change or deletion.
  14. Reporting Security Violations:
    If you are in doubt of any security violation of your e-account/e-accounts, or if any transaction was executed by any other unauthorized party; you should immediately report such violation to Bank of Jordan Syria via the following email: or by calling +963 11 22900000.
  15. Bank of Jordan Syria has the right to change or amend these terms and conditions, any other content or part of its website at any time, without dispatching any previous notice. Your entry to Bank of Jordan Syria's website shall be regulated by the effective terms and conditions at that time.